What can I lend on StreetLend?

Anything (legal) you're happy to lend to neighbours - tools, baby equipment, gadgets, fancy dress etc. Unusual items are very welcome.

I didn't find what I was looking for. Can I request an item?

Yes - click "Search or Request" on the "Nearby" page, and entice potential lenders by indicating what you'd pay to borrow. You'll get an email when someone lists the item you're looking for

What if the borrower loses or breaks an item, or has an accident? Who has liability?

Lenders should charge a reasonable deposit, and ensure the borrower pays before the item is handed over. Lenders should keep their items in good working order, but in using StreetLend, the borrower accepts full responsibility for any loss or damages in connection with the loaned item. StreetLend.com is here only to help borrowers find lenders, and does not take part in contracts between individuals. For utmost confidence, the borrower can use an accredited Escrow service to hold deposits.

Does StreetLend charge a fee?

No, and StreetLend will always be free to individuals.

Do I have to provide my address?

Not if you don't want to. For each loan, the lenders chooses whether to drop off an item, have the borrower pick it up, or meet to exchange in a public place.

How do I borrow something?

  1. Browse nearby items
  2. Click "Borrow" and choose when you'd like to pick up and where you'd like to exchange the item. The lender will be notified by email
  3. The lender agrees the loan or proposes different times
  4. Pay the deposit and take delivery of the item
  5. On returning the item, the lender will refund the deposit (minus the daily rate)

How does the borrower pay the deposit / daily rate?

  • In cash
  • Via smartphone, using PingIt. More info

Who runs StreetLend?

StreetLend was designed and built by Chris Beach.

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